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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Much happened in the five years that it took to rebuild the temple.  Satan did all he could to prevent it.  So what do the various colored horses have to do with this?  These horses and chariots symbolize the heavenly intelligences that work in behalf of those who give themselves to carry out God’s work. God’s angels could rest after King Darius issued a new decree.  It re-enforced the original decree given by Cyrus. Besides supplying money and materials, this decree threatened those who opposed God’s work (Ezra 6:6-12).

In addition, Heldai, Tobijah, and Jedaiah came from the Jews who had remained in Babylon bringing gifts. This also cheered the leaders and people.  Faith turned to sight. The temple would be completed.   We know nothing else about the three men who brought the gold and silver.  God has many faithful people about whom we know nothing. They shine in their place and their names are in His book of life.  
We notice in (vv. 9-14) the Lord’s plan for the future of His people. Making the golden crown and placing it on the head of Joshua the High Priest was not to honor him.  It was to illustrate the “Man whose name is the Branch.” He would be both Priest and King.  That is something no Levite priest could be. This was adding information to the promise made in Haggai 2:6-9.  God, His majestic glory veiled by flesh came to His temple.  The glory that Christ revealed was the glory of God’s character. The people were, “taught by the Lord.” Greeks came seeking Him telling Philip they came to see Jesus (John 12:20,21). They were the first of other nations who would do so.

We are told that “He will build His temple.” Yes, we are being built into a spiritual temple in the Lord.  The last verse in Zechariah 6 closes with the words, “And this shall come to pass if you will diligently obey the voice of the Lord.” My prayer is: “Lord, claiming Your promise, I choose to obey Your word and be part of Your spiritual temple. Amen.”

David Manzano
Retired Pastor, USA