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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Next, Zechariah saw a large scroll flying through the air.  The angel said it was the curse going forth over the whole land.  What is it that brings the curse?  It is disobedience to God’s law (see  Deut. 27:26; 28:15; Isa. 24:5,6). 

After quoting Zechariah 5:1-4, Ellen G. White wrote: “Against every evil-doer God’s law utters condemnation.  He may disregard that voice, he may seek to drown its warning, but in vain.  It follows him.  It makes itself heard.  It destroys his peace.  If unheeded, it pursues him to the grave.  It bears witness against him in the judgment.  A quenchless fire, it consumes at last soul and body” (Education, p. 144). 
The Holy Spirit is at work, “convicting the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.”  At the same time, He calls everyone to seek God and His salvation.  God will have a people who keep His commandments.  His New Covenant promise is that He will write His law upon the heart and mind of those who receive their Savior.  From Psalm 50:1-6, we know that the Mighty One, the God who spoke His law at Mt. Sinai, will come in His majesty for judgment. “Let the heavens declare His righteousness,” are the words. Imagine that God’s Law appears across the sky and, the heaven’s declare His righteousness. 
In this chapter of Zechariah (vs. 5-11), these verses present an intriguing sight, a large basket into which a woman representing “wickedness” is thrust and kept there by a lead cover. Two women with wings lift the basket and carried it to the land of Shinar (Babylon). What does all this mean?  This is not a description of God’s work. The two women with wings have no glory. They represent fallen angels, for the Lord was calling His people to leave the lands of Babylon. These fallen angels carrying the basket were returning to Babylon.

God had restrained the work of Satan and his angels. Their evil plans to prevent Israel and the Temple from being re-established did not succeed.  Satan had to leave Jerusalem and go elsewhere to further develop his “Babylon” as the rival to God and His truth.  The Jews who had chosen to remain in the lands of Babylon, which were then under Persian rule, would feel Satan’s anger.  About 40 years later in the day of Queen Esther they would be threatened with extinction.
How was it that Zerubbabel, Joshua, and the people gained the victory and accomplished what they did?  Faith’s victory comes as we go forward in obedience to God’s word and trusting in His promises.

David Manzano
Retired Pastor, USA