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Friday, October 17, 2014

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This vision of Zechariah pictures the wonders of the great salvation that has been provided for us by Jesus Christ. Joshua, as high priest, had come with Zerubbabel and the returning exiles to minister before the Lord in their behalf. As high priest he represented all the people, standing before the Lord.

But, Satan is there also. He is the source of all the opposition that the Jews faced. In addition he points to the filthiness, the unbelief, the sins of the people. He claimed it was not right for God to help Joshua. Thoughts of the hopelessness and of ever getting the people to love God supremely and fulfill their mission tempted the leaders.

God’s grace rebuked Satan.  The truth presented in this vision of removing the filthy garments of sin and giving us the robe or Christ’s righteousness fills us with hope. It did the same for them. The Lord loves us and is with us. Let us go forward in faith. To get the glorious meaning of this vision read the chapter, “Joshua and the Angel,” in the book, Prophets and Kings, by Ellen White, pages 582-592. You will be made strong. Notice this one statement: “Their earthliness will be removed, that through them the image of Christ may be perfectly revealed” (p. 589).

Christ, the promised “Branch” mentioned in Zechariah chapter 6, and also referred to by Isaiah and Jeremiah, finally came and by His life and death provided a positive answer for every charge that Satan brought against Joshua and his people.  It also answers every question ever raised against God. Christ’s life and death is a revelation of God’s love and compassion and stands in God’s favor.

Since the cross Satan has no standing in heaven. Knowing this Satan spends all his time and efforts against those who choose to be faithful to Jesus. He has hundreds of ways to cause doubt and discouragement.  This vision assures us that our acceptance and victory comes from God.  Look to Jesus, believe His promises, and ignore suggestions of doubt and discouragement.

David Manzano
Retired Pastor, USA