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Monday, February 24, 2014

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The Song of Songs presents us with a powerful portrayal of the awesome marriage relationship God longs for all married couples to experience—truly a return to paradise!

Such a love relationship may seem impossible given all of our sinful baggage.  But is such a marriage as described in the Song only a dream?  The peak of the Song, 8:6, gives us the answer.  Under inspiration, the Shulamite states that the love described in the Song is nothing less than “the very Flame of the Lord [Yahweh]” (ESV)!  The implied promise is that such love is a flame that originates with God Himself.  It is a spark off the Holy Flame! The love between man and woman is a holy love ignited by Yahweh himself!  We may eventually choose to reject such love, as Solomon did in his later years. But if we are willing, He will continually fill our hearts and our homes with a love that “many waters cannot quench” (verse 7)!  Furthermore, if human love is the very Flame of Yahweh, then this human love at its best—as described in the Song—points beyond itself to the Lord of love.  Holy human love typifies the divine. The marital relationship between husband and wife in the Song is thus a type of the love relationship between God and His people. We may therefore read the Song of Songs and see not only a portrait of Solomon and the Shulamite, but of Jesus Christ the greatest Solomon, and His relationship with His Bride, the Church. By beholding the exclusive, permanent, intimate love relationship within the Song, one may catch a glimpse of the divine holy love that He wants to share with us. And as we experience such a marriage with Christ ourselves, we may “preach” to the world the awesome love of God!  

The Song of Songs is the supreme biblical statement on the theology of love and marriage.  We have indeed reached the Holy of Holies, ablaze with the Flame of Yahweh!

“Dear Lord, I invite You to make my heart and home glow ever more brightly with Your love. Amen.”   


Richard M. Davidson

Professor of Old Testament Interpretation

Andrews University Theological Seminary