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Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Boaz, the “near kinsman” is introduced into the story.  We first see his faith in how he welcomes his employees, “The Lord be with you.”  They return the salutation, affirming a relationship of mutual love and respect under God’s blessing.  (Love can be defined as the steady determination that good shall come to someone else.)  Boaz makes clear that they are to show similar regard toward Ruth because of her devotion to Naomi.  His prayer for Ruth in verse 12 is as predictive of good as the references to the harvest.  “Wings” can refer to God's care and protection, and one may imagine the Lord’s eyes twinkling in anticipation of how He will answer that prayer.  Naomi’s own face certainly lights up with the news of how Ruth has spent her day.  Once again the chapter closes with a reference to the barley harvest, setting up a kind of symbolic rhythm of promise which will play out as the story unfolds.

Jan Haluska

Southern Adventist University