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Thursday, November 14, 2013

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The King of this Universe, the One who is above all angels; the holy and just Judge is the same One that takes the initiative to meet men where they are in order to restore them to His original purpose.

God’s majesty does not keep Him from hearing my voice and my cries.  

From Eden, before and after sin, it is God who takes the initiative of communicating with men. He is the One who proposes an alliance and establishes a relationship.

To worship the holy God is to maintain that communication alive. The Israelites heard God’s voice in the pillar of cloud and they obeyed HIS Law.   

If my spiritual life has not been successful, and I’m not defeating sinful nature, maybe it’s because I’m trying to obey without hearing, without a true relationship with God.

There is no worship without communication. Between the people’s questions and God’s answers there is a rescue. He is forgiver and Saviour. I need forgiveness and salvation.

To worship is to look at God’s mercy just as Moses learned and asked to see the glory of Jehovah (Ex. 33:18). He heard the tender answer:  “You cannot see My face, but I will make all My goodness pass before you (Ex. 33:19-20)

The King of the Universe is a forgiving Father.



Almir Marroni
Vice President
South American Division