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Monday, November 11, 2013

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This Psalm covers from Creation to the Second Coming (verses 5 and 13), and into the eternity. Imagine we will be part of the heavenly throng to sing praises to the Lord. Together with the angelic hosts and the unfallen beings, throughout eternity, we will sing and give glory to God. What an awesome thought!

The Psalmist wanted to glorify the Lord so much that he repeats many times to sing unto the Lord. He lists all the honorable things to ascribe to God: glory, honor, majesty, strength, beauty, and holiness. This reminds us of the scene in Revelation where the angels and living creatures, together with the elders ascribe the majesty to God and the Lamb (Rev 4:8-11; 5:9-14). Our limited and finite mind cannot imagine well enough the glory and privilege to worship the Lord eternally. We want to be part of vast throng honoring and worshipping God. 

There are many beautiful things in the world: some beautiful places in nature, beautiful flowers, buildings, beautiful ladies, and people with beautiful hearts. But the Psalmist suggests the beauty of holiness as something we should cherish. Therefore he also says “strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.”

As we overcome our shortcomings and sins by applying the blood of Jesus, we will get closer to the beauty of holiness. He is the Lamb and the High Priest, who is cleansing our sins in the sanctuary above.

If we remember that the honor will be given to us, through His redemption power, to sing the “new songs” with the angelic hosts in heaven, the Lord will motivate us and give us strength enough to overcome our infirmities. We do not want to exchange such glory and honor for anything this world may offer. 

“Sing unto the Lord O all the earth!”

Sook-Young Kim

Kyungpook National University
Sangju, South Korea