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Sunday, November 10, 2013

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As we reach Psalm 95, the atmosphere of the Psalms changes. Different from the previous ones with the spirit of petition, this Psalm is full of praise and thanksgiving. The author, known as David (Heb 4:7), alternates the reason for the LORD to be praised, and  his admonition to praise Him. The uttermost expressions of joy and adoration are utilized.

Filled with joyfulness, the Psalm lists the reasons: He is the Rock of our salvation; He is a great God and King over all the other gods that people worship, for there are none.  His creation covers the whole range of the earth: the depth and the height of the earth vertically, and the whole of sea and land horizontally. Sea is not the abode of a strange, terrifying god as the neighboring countries of Israel believed, but it is formed by God, as is the land (which reminds us of  the statement in Rev 13 where the sea- and the land-beast come up).

More than anything else, He is our God. This is such an awesome thought. The Creator of the whole world is our God, and we are His flock on His pasture. He takes care of us with His might and loving-kindness.

Truly we have all the reasons to adore Him and worship Him, with humble gladness in our hearts.

From vs. 8 on, the wilderness life of the people of Israel is brought up. They were also the flock of the LORD, delivered and looked after by Him. Strangely however, they showed a rebellious and hardened spirit against God, distrusting and testing Him.

Let us trust God. Let us not test Him, provoking His displeasure as those ancient people did. Let us always remind ourselves to be grateful for His special kindness shown to us.

Let us bow down before Him with thanksgiving and delight in His presence. Let us hearken to His voice as we get nearer to the spiritual land of Canaan and enter His eternal rest.


Sook-Young Kim
Kyungpook National University
Sangju, South Korea