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Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Two kinds of people are presented in this Psalm: the wicked and the righteous. Who are the evil-doers and who are the righteous?

Regardless of our natural traits/behavioral practices, those who return to God with repentance are called the righteous. However, those who do not come and cease from doing their own works, by accepting His offer of righteousness, are called the evil ones. “Sabbath” comes from the verb to “cease,” “rest,” enjoying the accomplished work of the LORD for me.

It says the wicked will surely perish: The justice of God, His just judgment will ultimately be carried out. It also gives a warning to the readers: if anyone is walking in the evil ways, please turn around and live.

When it says, your eyes will see the wicked punished, scattered, and destroyed, it does not mean we have to eagerly wait and watch until we see their punishment.

So let us pray for them. Work hard for them, that they may see the loving-kindness of the LORD our God.

Loving-kindness and faithfulness are two prominent attributes of God introduced here. The deep thought of the Most High nourishes all the living. Therefore those who are transplanted into His court will flourish and bud like green palm tree. They will be exalted.  God promises this. 

Since God is upright, if you give your heart to Him, you will be like cedar of Lebanon, bearing fruit eternally. If you have fallen away or turned from Him please return.


Sook-Young Kim
Kyungpook National University
Sangju, South Korea