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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Psalm 91 declares that our God is the Most High. He knows the situation in truth. He sees our heart. He hears our cry. It also says He is the Almighty. How much difficult and entangled the case may appear, He is able to bring a way out.  Stay with Him.

Do you sometimes consider stopping your job, leaving your local church, or spouse? Maybe your superior at work is harsh, the others employees on the job slander and ostracize you. The standard at church gets behind, which makes you cry. The personality clash with your spouse is strong. Financial problems are adding up. You say to yourself, “If only I could escape and start all anew.”

He promises that He will protect you. He will send angels to carry you through. Troubles and disasters are listed, which will not come across the banned border. Three times in this Psalm it assures you that He will deliver you (vss. 3, 14, 15). Put your trust in Him. The head of lion and the serpent will He trample under foot. While Satan is our enemy, he is a defeated foe.

God’s promise guarantees: He will lift you up—defend, vindicate, and exalt you! So stay with Him until you see God take action to deliver you.

The last word of this Psalm in Hebrew is “Yeshuah,” meaning “salvation.” The name Joshua/Jesus means “The LORD is salvation.” Yes, He is. Escape to Jesus.

Sook-Young Kim

Kyungpook National University
Sangju, South Korea