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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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The enemies of God’s people have rallied together to form a coalition against them.  Some of these enemies are family members--descendants of Abraham’s nephew Lot, and Abraham’s son Ishmael—who have joined forces with other nations to oppress the Israelites.  Their intent is to silence the voice of Israel forever, to annihilate them so completely that they are no longer remembered.

The SDA Commentary suggests that this Psalm refers to the difficulty that Jehoshaphat faced when his enemies joined in a confederacy against him.  What was Jehoshaphat’s response to this attack? Second Chronicles 20 tells the story. The king and his people fell to their knees before God, acknowledged his sovereignty and pled their case, begging God to intervene on their behalf.  Then, with God’s blessing, they marched out to face their enemy with praises to God, singing, “Give thanks to the Lord, for his mercies endure forever.”  When Jehoshaphat’s army reached the enemy’s camp, they found them all dead, having risen up against one another; the enemy was defeated without God’s people having to do a thing. 

Have you ever felt that the whole world is against you? Perhaps even beloved family members and dear friends have given you grief about something in your life.  Or maybe just life in general has become overwhelming to the point that you feel yourself drowning beneath the weight of it all.

Even as the Lord fought for the Isrealites, he will fight for you today.  Surrender to Him with a song on your lips, and you will see the salvation of the Lord.

Kimberly Bobenhausen
Home Educator