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Monday, October 21, 2013

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Who among us has not noticed that those who care little for religion often live in luxury. They get the opportunities and the breaks that we feel the god-fearing deserve.  Those who ignore God prosper in their businesses and their wealth multiplies so much in value it seems they don’t even have to work. 

It appears that God does not wish his people to become rich.  Perhaps it is not good for their relationship with God.  God desires that humans recognize their dependence on Him. Yet the question remains, why should the godless live in such comfort and luxury? The psalmist assures us that this will not last.  God will end this unfairness in His own good time. 

There are many times that we have been filled with questions about our lives, where it was headed, or where it was not.  We have had our own ideas of what we should do, where we should be and especially when it should be.  At one point I covenanted with God that if I waited and did not do such and such within ten years, I would then feel free to do so and so.  Fortunately, God ignored my timeline and followed His own.  Most of us, if not all, have discovered that time reveals that God’s schedule is best.

Gordon Christo
Secretary, Southern Asia Division