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Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Lady Justice with a balance in her hand is often depicted blindfolded to illustrate that no prejudice is allowed to interfere with justice.  Yet in many countries judges seem to be blind and unable to identify the good, the bad, or the right.  Asaph, the psalmist, thought that God too seemed to be a blind referee. 

We have all played in games according to the rules, but seen that another who cheated won. ­­­The young man, ­Maradonna, used his hand and not his head to push the ball into the goal and won the world cup for his team.  Those who stay in line and keep the rules often end up last. In fact, many infidels become millionaires.

Asaph, one of the wisest of men, struggled with this injustice as long as he focused on his misfortune and compared it with the fortune of a selected few wicked.  You have to look farther and wider to notice that that there is no consistency.  If God were to reward good and evil instantly, people would be good for the wrong reasons.

When Asaph took the long view, and understood the final destiny of the wicked (verse 18) then he realized the slippery ground the evil were standing on, and he envied them no more.  If you look ahead instead of sideways, you’ll slip less.

Gordon Christo
Secretary, Southern Asia Division