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Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Reluctantly but eventually we cast away things that are old and useless—worn out shoes, and threadbare clothes, broken toys, instruments, and furniture, even though they served us well and long.  All things that were once new and useful become old and useless.  

The psalmist recalls having been loyal to God from childhood but fears that God may not have any more need of him.  Old people have given a lifetime of useful service to the community, to the church, and some have fought battles for the country, but when they retire, their authority disappears, and nobody seems to care for them.

This is the way of nature—plants, trees and animals grow old and weak and have to give way to the young and strong.  The psalmist fears that his enemies would finish him off in his old age when he became feeble.

Fortunately, for elderly Christians, death is not the only thing in the future.  Though battered by many troubles, the Christian can look forward to another time of eternal youth.  The psalmist says, “From the depths of the earth you will again bring me up.  You will increase my honour and comfort me once again” (vv 20, 21).  Thus with the grey-haired psalmist, all the other aged who believe in God can still sing praises and shout for joy because God never casts them aside.

Gordon Christo
Secretary, Southern Asian Division