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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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David is seeking the Lord for refuge and crying out for deliverance, yet again.  However, this time, David appears innocent, and pleads for deliverance from his enemies lest they tear him apart like a lion and rip him to pieces if he is found guilty (verses 2-4).  David appears innocent and asks God to decide, to judge him (verse 8).  If he is being pursued unjustly, he will pull out his secret weapon: his shield—the “God Most High, who saves the upright in heart.” For those who do not repent, God will “sharpen His sword;” “string His bow,” “prepare His deadly weapons,” and “make ready His flaming arrows” (verses 10-13). David concludes that those who cause trouble will have the trouble recoil on them (verse 16).

Praise God today, for being the righteous judge and the mighty warrior, who brings to an end the violence of the wicked, and makes the righteous secure.  Amen.


Jackie O Smith
Communication Manager
General Conference Ministerial