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Sunday, October 13, 2013

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This is a short Psalm with strong emotions of gratitude and contemplation of how mighty our God is; He is not just any god, but our own God (vs. 7).  And Jesus, the Son of God, is our Savior.  Fanny J. Crosby penned this truth in a favorite composition of all time, Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine! (Hymn # 462).  It is the assurance that Jesus is our own personal Savior that causes us to taste salvation beforehand.  As she expressed in her lyrics: “O, what a foretaste of Glory divine!” 

By faith the Psalmist had a foretaste of God’s salvation, by faith he believed in the promised Lamb of God, and his faith summons the people to raise their song of praise because of that wonderful promise. Yet for us the assurance of salvation was firmly established at Calvary. “The kingdom of grace was instituted immediately after the fall of man, when a plan was devised for the redemption of the guilty race. It then existed in the purpose and by the promise of God; and through faith, men could become its subjects and taste its assurance. Yet it was not actually established until the death of Christ. Then the fulfillment of the plan of redemption was assured. The promise of salvation made to the sinful pair in Eden was ratified. The kingdom of grace, which had before existed by the promise of God, was then established.” (The Great Controversy, pp. 347-348)

If the Psalmist calls for praise because of a promise yet to come, then so much more we are to be motivated to render praises because the promise is already fulfilled by the Lamb of God. Lyrics of praise rise from Psalm 67 imploring God to be merciful, which He is, and three times calls for Him to bless us (vs. 1, 6 and 7).  Additionally, this Psalm calls on us (four times, vs. 3 and 5) to praise God: “Let the people praise You.”

What is the purpose of our praising God?  We praise Him so His way may be known in all the earth, His salvation be acclaimed by all nations (vs. 2), that all may know that He judges and governs righteously (vs. 4), that the earth will yield it's bounty (vs. 6); and that all the ends of the earth shall fear Him (v. 7).

We sing the praises of God as witnesses. We are moved to acclaim His might and His goodness. Then His grace will also draw others to seek His face, extol the beauty of our Savior Jesus, and receive a foretaste of His glory. 


Teresita Pérez

Retired from Legal Field

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Florida, USA