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Friday, October 11, 2013

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Written with exquisite beauty and powerful imagery, the countless virtues, acts, and blessings of God are lifted up in this Psalm of praise.

You are the God who provides!  Oh, God! You alone are praiseworthy! King of Kings and Lord of Lords! To You alone we bring our petitions. You are the God who speaks in the silence of a heart filled by Your presence. You are our Purchaser, our Penalty-bearer having redeemed us from the punishment of our iniquities. Though unworthy, You pursue us that we might dwell in the place You have prepared for us both here and in heaven. You in me and I in You; a special spiritual and physical place in Your presence that fulfills our deepest needs.

You are the Great I AM. The Alpha and Omega. You alone have loved us from everlasting, yes, before the foundations of the earth were laid. You are the God who listens! While overseeing innumerable universes Your ear perceives our faintest plea and answers. You ride the clouds as a chariot to watch over us and to be our strength and help in time of need. You owe us nothing yet give us everything. You have proven yourself to all—Your faithfulness is unending and Your mercies are renewed day by day.

You are the God of power. You alone spoke and it was done. Your power stills the storms of life and seas. Your desire for splendor and loveliness in creation enlivens the senses and soothes the soul. The morning delights to reveal Your masterful handiwork and the evening artistically tucks it in beneath a blanket of sunset colors. Then slowly a diamond and velvet covering embraces the planets You suspend in space, yet each one maintains its path by Your word. Even those of us who have not known Your name cannot deny You.

You are the God who preserves, giving continual care for Your creation. You tend the field so that seeds will fall on good soil—a ground in which they can take root and grow strong. Your life-giving water brings forth grain for harvest and enables the trees to bear fruit.  You plant, grow, tend, and sustain everything for a physical and spiritual harvest.

Dear Lord, You have promised that You will answer our prayers exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask, if not totally here on this earth but then in the world to come.  The multitude of Your blessings cannot be counted.  You not only give us life, but offer life to all who will accept You,, and You delight to give feely to all.  Amen.

Stephanie Sheehan

School of Business and Management

Southern Adventist University