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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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David, God’s anointed, yet a man on the run, a target of King Saul’s anger. In a time of turmoil and intensity of emotion while being hunted by King Saul in the wilderness of Judah, David had settled in his heart to lean on Almighty.  He expressed a desire for God, rather than being desperate.  He delighted in God’s fellowship, knowing He was not forsaken. He declared God’s outcome, rather than being fearful and discouraged.

David’s desire was for a deeper experience with God.  The relationship he did have with God he regarded as not enough. He compared his longing to thirst experienced in the severest drought, when the ground is dry and cracked due for an extended period of time without rainfall. He realized, long before Jesus walked the earth, that this was a thirst that could only be quenched by the Living Water. David delighted in God’s fellowship and remembered the times when he felt God’s presence and power most profoundly.  He yearned for that manifestation of God again. His appreciation and awe of God are expressed passionately, as he valued God’s loving- kindness more than life itself. (v.4). Out of David’s deep love and respect for God, he declared his unending praise. He spoke with an experienced voice about his fellowship with God, confident of its fulfillment. In fact, David delighted in his communion with God, whether at battle-time or at bedtime. Any time was the right time for David. Because of this he experienced God’s protective hand in multiple ways over the years. Yet even now he recognized that it was God and God alone, and acknowledged His help, refuge, and care.  In this state of joyful trust, he refused to be discouraged and instead declared God’s final outcome. David rightly predicts that God will ultimately prevail. David could have prayed for any number of things, yet in this beautifully written Psalm to God, David’s heart simply overflows with awe and gratitude.

In the day-to-day difficulties, are we more aware of our desire for Him or our desperation for relief?  In times when He is silent do we choose to bask in His fellowship rather than feel forsaken? When struggling with one or many things that the enemy brings forth are we able to fully trust in God’s outcome?  When we allow God to deepen our experience with Him, we are transformed. We develop a sense of longing for Him, not merely answers or solutions from Him. Gradually we desire Him and His fellowship more than anything else—a longing that will never be fully satisfied on this side of heaven. It’s not that our petitions cease to our Burden Bearer and Helper in time of need, it’s that our needs change depending on the situation we are in.

Dear Lord, we pray to know You more fully in and through our situations, whether it be grief, loneliness, sickness, or various trials.  We pray not only for You to step in to help us, but that we know You more fully in and through each situation.  Amen.

Stephanie Sheehan

School of Business and Management

Southern Adventist University