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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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This Psalm opens powerfully as David tells of his commitment to and belief in God. David emphatically declares that there is One, and only one, on whom he can depend, wait, and trust, and that is God. And wait he must, but he will wait patiently and peacefully. David demonstrates his assurance in the One on whom he waits, describing Him as his “salvation,” “rock,” and “defense.” In this state of surrender David takes his stance: “I shall not be greatly moved.” His faith and his God-experiences are what empower him to remain steadfast.  This position of confident dependence on God is the platform from which David challenges his enemies, describes their fate, and lays bare their ulterior motives.

In verses 1 and 2, David’s opens this Psalm with the voice of music in verses 1 and 2. His esteem and praise of God flow effortlessly from the abundance of his heart as he bears witness to God as his “glory,” “rock of [his] strength,” and “refuge.” The emotional beauty and intensity with which these words are written (vs. 1 and 2; 5 and 6) convey the depth of spiritual growth and trust developed through the seasons of life. Through them all he attests that God alone has never failed him. He wants others to share in his complete trust in God and counsels the people to enter into His place of safety with utter openness of heart. Underscoring the importance of depending only on God, David describes those who cannot be trusted and addresses the root of their self-dependence: the lure of power and money. David affirms the wisdom of his position, humbly acknowledging God’s authority, mercy, and righteous judgment.

As with David, difficult times will come during our seasons of life. Whether cunning adversaries, health, finances, sorrow, tragedy, or a seemingly unanswered prayer. The most powerful perspective in this Psalm is that He and He alone is your spiritual and physical salvation. Choose to humbly and confidently trust in Him. Wait on Him in calmness and peace. Recall and recite His faithfulness in the past. Recount His attributes to the universe so that all will hear you claim Him as your Salvation, your Rock, your Defense, your Strength.  Use His word as sword to fight anything and everything that weakens your ability to persevere in the Lord during difficult seasons.

Dear Lord, help me to believe in You as I should.  Help me to claim Your promises and make them my own.  Help me to wait confidently for Your perfect timing.  And help me to stand firm and immovable in Your presence, sheltered by Your mercy and grace.  Amen.


Stephanie Sheehan
School of Business and Management
Southern Adventist University