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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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David is pleading with God for mercy and deliverance from his anguish.  In verse 5, he reminds God that “Among the dead no one proclaims Your name, Who praises You from the grave?” In other words, hurry and deliver me before I die, while I can still praise Your name!

David is feeling worn down, and in need of comfort and assurance from God, but he still has energy to speculate about the outcome of his enemies (verse 10). “All my enemies will be overwhelmed with shame and anguish; they will turn back and suddenly be put to shame.”

Have you, like David, ever felt emotionally burdened to the point of physical exhaustion? If your burdens are imaginary, God has not provided relief for that.  However, for real burdens, Jesus invites us to come to Him, lay down our burdens, and find rest in Him (Matt. 11:28-30).  

May your cares and burdens be lightened today, because Jesus, the yoke bearer is carrying your load.


Jackie O Smith
Communications Manager
General Conference Ministerial