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Monday, September 23, 2013

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God, in Whom they trust and rejoice, supreme in all the earth A Psalm for the sons of Korah.

“Clap your hands,” the psalmist commands the congregation. “Shout!”

In the Psalms we find no poetic praises of Nature, but only poems celebrating the greatness and goodness of the Creator of the wonderful natural world. In this Psalm as in countless others, all nature unites in praising our Creator. How can we be silent?  Ps. 98:8  tells us the floods clap their hands and hills rejoice. In Isa. 55:12 mountains and hills break forth in singing—“trees of the field shall clap their hands.” This kind of gratitude is too big for crooning songsters. Spontaneous joy pours forth from human lips bursting with the love that God’s goodness generates. Though surrounded by enemies, we have been rescued by Christ and God has chosen our inheritance for us. What He assigns to us is ours, better designed to make us happy than anything we could have longed for. We praise Him because we see in this inheritance all the Father’s love rained down upon us in richest abundance. We don’t need what belongs rightfully to someone else. As King of all the earth, He offers an inheritance to every nation, to every individual, and those of us who choose to be part of His eternal kingdom will inherit our own place to live, our own place to work, and all the resources we need to accomplish what He asks us to do. When we realize this fact of divine providence, we can “Sing praises with understanding.”

Prayer: Father, if I sing half-heartedly in the congregation, it is because I don’t comprehend what You have done for me. Forgive me for yearning for territory You have assigned to someone else. Show me how I can make full use of my rightful inheritance and bring honor to Your Name. Amen.

Helen Pyke
Retired Professor
Southern Adventist University