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Monday, September 9, 2013

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This Psalm begins by reminding the righteous to praise the Lord with singing and music, for everything He did is good and right.  By the word of the Lord the heavens and the earth were made for He spoke and it was done; He commanded and it stood fast.       

The first chapter in Genesis is the majestic narrative of the Creator and the creation of His new children.  Each day ends with the Hebrew formula “evening was, morning was,” making a 24 hour period of time.  The sequence of the six days of creation began with creating light, then the atmosphere, land and vegetation, the sun and solar system, fish for the waters and birds for the air, and then the land animals, climaxing the week by creating a new order of beings, man and woman in whose combination is the very image of the Creator Himself.  Indeed, everything was “very good.”       

God could have ended it there—a six-day week.  Why not?  In a perfect garden and with perfect bodies no one really gets tired.  But the Creator chose to end the six-day week by adding another day—a day of rest called the Sabbath—as a divine gift day.  Why?  Think about it, what is the most perfect gift that any loving parent can give his or her child?  It is an uninterrupted, unhurried time of being together.        

My father was a pastor and when we were living as missionaries in Japan he was planting a church in a large city which had hardly any Christians in it.  This meant he was busy day and night.  One night he came home and shared with us what he was thinking about.  He had decided to take every Tuesday off to spend time with the family.  Since we were being schooled at home there was no problem in taking a day off.  We would go on picnics, spend time on the beach, or climb mountains.  What a glorious day!          

Now that my father is dead, I look back across the years and realize that he gave us the very best gift of all—not money, for we didn’t have much—but the gift of uninterrupted, unhurried, time with him.  The very same gift our Creator Father gave to you and me every seventh day.       

Why would anyone ever want to get rid of the seventh-day Sabbath?

Note: Taken from “The Chosen” by Dwight Nelson, pp. 104,105.


Dwight Nelson
Senior Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church
Andrews University