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Sunday, September 8, 2013

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Forgiveness always comes at a cost! It comes at a cost of repentance and confession but few of us desire to pay it this way. For most of us, we would rather pay our spiritual debts through other means but the debt we owe is simply too much to cover.

Many are guilt stricken at the thought of their sins.  Some are tormented with thoughts such as: How can anyone, if they know the things I've done, love me? How can anyone think to forgive me? Have I done too much to receive mercy? It is simply too late for me.

The Psalmist is very aware of sin and its guilty stains. He was no saint, guilty of murder and adultery, but God was merciful and did not forsake him.  David recognized his sins and confessed them to God and repented of what he had done.  He learned of the calming joy that comes after the raging storms of guilt were past. He learned of the drought that comes from trying to hide his sins with lies and deceit; and the refreshing springs of peace that comes from knowing you are forgiven.

There is no greater joy than knowing that God has forgiven you the debt of sin you could never repay.  There is nothing sweeter than knowing that while others might judge you as guilty, you have been set free by the Judge himself.

Our prayer today is that the Lord will give us the courage and strength to truly confess our sins and turn away from them. Help us, dear Lord, to know the joy of forgiveness, so that we can be glad in Your love and shout joyfully about how gracious and kind You have been to us.


Richard McNeil
Theology Graduate of Southern Adventist University
Seminary Student at Andrews University
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