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Saturday, September 7, 2013

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We live in a world of uncertainty. Nothing seems to be as reliable as they claim. Sometimes people we trust and hold in high esteem disappoint us and in the most alarming ways. Presidents, governors, teachers, and even pastors at times seem to lack the moral fiber and power to stand up against temptation. They may claim to have solutions, but in their personal lives they are building houses made of sand.

For David, he found the one “true certainty” in the One who can deliver on all of His promises. He is able to protect; He is able to provide; He is able to deliver when all else fails in life.

David tells us where his confidence can be found. He shares with us the only guarantee we can ever be confident in, that is in God.  He is our refuge and strength.

In verse 5, we have the words repeated by Christ while He hung on the cross. "Into Your hand I commit my spirit." Christ also knew that He could trust in God as a deliverer, and in His last moment which was His most painful, His loneliest, it was at this darkest hour that these words were part of His last prayer as He cried out to His Father with “loud” voice (Luke 23:46).

For David these words were everything; he committed his spirit, his very being into the hands of his Creator.  He did this not because God had protected him from his enemies who wanted to kill him, not because God provided him with food when he was hungry, not because God established him as king over Israel, but because the Lord had redeemed him, forgiven him, and saved him from his sins.

Let your prayer for today be one of gratitude for God being so loving towards us, for forgiving us our sins and reclaiming us as His very own. Also let us pray asking the Lord to strengthen our faith in Him as our refuge when the problems of life come our way.


Richard McNeil
Theology Graduate of Southern Adventist University
Seminary Student at Andrews University
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