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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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"The LORD is my light and my salvation--whom shall I fear?"  The
answer?  No one!  Nothing!  The reality?  Oh, so many things.  What
brings the most fear to your heart?  David encountered a host of
things that could be frightening to us: evil enemies,
armies and war, the day of trouble, feeling forsaken, being
encompassed by false witnesses and oppressors, and violence.  Imagine
the terror that could come from just one of these situations!  How
could any mortal not be afraid?

David's answer is the Temple, the manifestation of God's presence with
His people.  This became David's one fervent desire, his reason for
living.  He longed to dwell in God's presence, to behold Him every
single day of his life.  Could there be anything more awesome than to
live in God's holy habitation?  But still, how does this solve the
problem of fear?  What match is God's Temple for those situations that
strike fear in our hearts?

No matter what danger confronts us, David describes the Temple as the
place where God hides us and keeps us safe.  But the Temple is no
longer one building on earth.  It is in heaven and wherever else God's
presence may be (Heb 8:1-6; 1 Cor 6:19; 1 Pet 2:5).  So how are we to
run there?  For David, the temple was all about beholding the beauty
of the Lord, seeking His face, meditating on His goodness and holiness
(Ps 27:4, 8, 11, 13).  Thus, we run to the temple whenever we run to
the Lord.  If our whole heart rests in His overwhelming peace and joy,
fear can find no room there.


We then, like David, can sing praises even as we are surrounded by

enemies (Ps 27:6).  Truly God is the only one capable of saving us

from anything and everything that may bring us fear.  So let us allow

Him to save us!  Let our hearts take courage as we trust in our

almighty Refuge.


Marla Samaan Nedelcu
Ph.D. Candidate
Andrews University