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Sunday, September 1, 2013

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David models true communion with the Lord—a conscious cultivation of a relationship with the Almighty—he pours out his heart honestly, openly, frequently, and with love.  This is what makes David such a giant among spiritual leaders because he deposits regularly into the relationship bank with God. If only all of us could know God to this extent!

These wonderful phrases demonstrate David’s powerful attitude of humble commitment:

To You, I lift up my soul.

I trust in You.

Show me Your ways.

Teach me Your paths.

Lead me in Your truth.

On You I wait all the day.

Keep my soul.

I wait for You.

What would it be like for us if we used this language when we prayed? What if we opened our hearts every morning and asked the Lord to empty our old hearts full of self, to show us His ways, and to fill us with His divine thoughts and wisdom? Would our spiritual life and leadership be transformed?

David is not afraid to share the highs and lows of leadership either. Toward the end of this Psalm, he admits that he feels forsaken and alone, in spite of being surrounded by his army and staff. He cries out to God that his troubles have expanded. How many of us in leadership roles, such as teachers, pastors, counselors, youth leaders, deacons, Sabbath school leaders, and parents, find ourselves feeling such aloneness at times when the going gets tough? Often the only One to turn to and talk with is the Lord. As David wrote, we all lift up our souls and wait for Him.


Vinita Sauder
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Southern Adventist University