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Saturday, August 31, 2013

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In a day and age when the pervading influences of evolution and its theories are trying to get a hold on our thinking, many questions are raised by some concerning our existence. 

The Psalmist David makes it abundantly clear that the earth belongs to the Lord and everything in and on it. It is God who created us and we did not evolve from a mindless existence. David reinforces the creation picture of God moving on the waters, but he continues by proclaiming that God has even greater jurisdiction over our lives.

David is concerned with those who will be with God. He is very much aware of who our God is—the Creator, the All-Powerful One, capable of fighting any battle, and King above all Kings! But the question of who is worthy to be with God persists.

The psalmist gives the answer in sobering terms—he that has clean hands and a pure heart, who is not influenced by vain thoughts. In other words, none of us are totally clean!  We are all prone to selfish, vain thoughts, which cause us to battle against each other.  We are truly the generation of Jacob, having a mixed character capable of seeking to deceive and manipulate.

Thankfully the life of Jacob did not end that way. Jacob changed and was given a new name.  His name was changed to Israel.  Likewise we are also a generation once lost but found, once vain who sought our own way, but now we choose to walk the Lord’s narrow way.

Let our prayer today be that the Lord will give us the clean hands and pure hearts so necessary that we may be worthy to reign with Him forever.  Amen.


Richard McNeil
Theology Graduate of Southern Adventist University
Seminary Student at Andrews University
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