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Friday, August 9, 2013

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The nations of the earth band together to put a stop to God’s anointed son, Jesus.  But their efforts are in vain.  God, the Ruler of the Universe, watches in amusement at their feeble attempts. God established his Son, Jesus, as the Messiah, the King of Zion, and nothing can overtake Him. Then Jesus responds to His Father’s decree, declares His relationship to the Father, and His authority over all the earth, “I will make the nations Your inheritance, the ends of the earth Your possession” (verse 8).

 “Kiss His son,” means to give reverence to the Messiah, and refers to the Eastern custom of paying respect to persons of superior rank. The Psalmist, ends the Psalm counseling the nations and kingdoms to submit to the Lord, and serve Him or they will perish. 

Who are you serving today?  Are you turning against Christ and in that sense overthrowing Him by following your own inclinations?  Is Jesus the Sovereign Ruler of your life? If not, take refuge in Him today, and be blessed.


Jackie O Smith
Communications Manager
General Conference Ministerial