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Sunday, August 25, 2013

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“I love You, O LORD, my strength” (verse 1).  The particular Hebrew word that is used for “love” in this verse is a very tender word. It connotes the overwhelming sort of love that lovers have for each other and that mothers have for their newborn babies.  This is the kind of love that David had for God and that God has for us.  But do we have this type of love for God?

Earlier tonight, as I was rocking my baby boy to sleep, I bent down to kiss his head.  It smelled so sweet! There's no scent quite like the scent of your baby's head, and since Simon is 16 months now, I know that these moments can’t last much longer.  Maybe breathing in his scent was my way of trying to hold on to the perfect warmth of these moments, the indescribable feeling that comes with being a first-time mom.  I love that little guy so much that if I needed to give my life to save his, I would do it without question.

While I'm home with little Simon, my husband of five years is driving home from a trip but won’t arrive until the early morning hours.  Even though he’s only been away for two days, I love him so much that my heart is impatient and wants him to be here now.  I’m so excited to see him that I know it will be difficult for me to fall asleep before he comes.

David had a tender and overwhelming love for God because of the experiences they had shared together. David knew what it was like to have God be his Rescuer.  In fact, Psalm 18 is in praise to God whose enormous power had delivered him from the mercurial Saul.  David knew what it was like to have God as his only lifeline, to be completely at God’s mercy, to be desperate for God, and to have God present and active even at the weakest and lowest points of his life.  He had experienced God as his Messiah, and knew that one day He would be the sacrificial Lamb.  

Am I willing to bring God into every experience of my life as did David?  To live my life for Him?  Do I desire for each one of my steps to be in step with His, and do I long for more of His saving power?  If this is my cry and yours, then our love for God will grow intimate and profound, as will our grasp of His love for us.

Marla Samaan Nedelcu
Ph.D. Candidate
Andrews University