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Friday, August 23, 2013

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When we are surrounded by pain and suffering, we can sometimes feel guilty about things going well in our lives.  This psalm is a reminder that it is always good to praise God for the joy and pleasure in our lives when “the boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places.”  We can indulge in thanking Him for what He has done. 

This psalm seems to include the promises of joy in the earth made new as well.  It indicates that the joys we have now are hints of what we’ll have when our bodies won’t decay and we will have “pleasures at [God’s] right hand” forevermore.              

So while we expect that this world will be full of sorrow and pain because of sin, we also know that times of “transcendence,” those indicators of the Kingdom made new, are also to be expected.  We will sometimes have joy and peace and pleasure in life.  And we can see it as a down payment on the promise of the New Heaven and the New Earth.


Lisa Clark Diller
Chair, Dept. of History and Political Studies
Southern Adventist University