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Thursday, January 2, 2014

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In this Psalm, the whole of creation - heaven, the earth and God’s people - all praise Him.

First, the angels and the angelic hosts praise God. Then, following the order of creation as outlined in Genesis 1, the elements and all created beings lift up their voices to praise their Creator. From fruit-trees and fowls, the praise finally reaches humanity, the crown of creation, and from the highest king to the smallest child; all join in the Hallelujah chorus.

Yet, this cosmic symphony, ends on an intimate note: God has “a people that is near to him,” and while He deserves the highest praise, He looks for closeness with humanity. He brings His people “close to His heart”.  

This has been made possible through Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary. And it is this sacrifice and all that was accomplished through it,that will keep us singing the Hallelujah chorus for eternity.

Thandi Klingbeil

Home-schooling Mother

Tennessee, USA