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Sunday, December 29, 2013

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In this psalm, David acknowledges that all he is and all he is able to do, is because of God and His goodness towards him. God is the one who has made him into a successful warrior and king. God is the one who has won his battles.

Today, we may not fight wars like David, but we do fight a spiritual battle against the principalities and powers of evil. In this end-time battle we need to acknowledge the one who is our Refuge, our Rock, our Deliverer and our Shield.  It is encouraging to know that although we are finite beings and our life here on earth is but a breath or a fleeting shadow in the eternity of time, God is mindful of us. God, who revealed Himself to us at Mount Sinai in smoke, lightning and an earthquake, is willing to show Himself in our battles with the same undisputed power He displayed on that mountain top.

Together with David, we can sing a new song of praise for all of God’s blessings upon us. We may not all be individually blessed with material prosperity, healthy and beautiful children, or a life free from disasters or defeats, but the last verse sums it up: when God is the Lord of our lives, we are blessed.

Thandi Klingbeil

Home-schooling Mother

Tennessee, USA