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Saturday, December 28, 2013

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In this prayer, the psalmist prays for forgiveness. He comes to God knowing his sins – and knowing that God’s righteousness can cover his sins. Ellen White writes: “When you have confidence in the Mighty One, your experience is not borrowed; it is your own” (Lift Him Up, p. 185).

God has no grandchildren – only children. We all need our own personal experience of approaching the throne of grace and receiving forgiveness. Our experience with the Almighty cannot be a second hand relationship. The longing for a deeply personalized understanding of God arises from an inner thirst that can only be stilled by God. This longing is so great that the psalmist likens himself to dry ground thirsting for rain. It’s a miracle to behold what rain can do to dry, parched ground and to see how new life springs forth from the dust.

We have a wonderful promise in Isaiah 55: 10 -11 that God’s Word to us is like rain to the earth and will bring times of refreshing and new life. “God desires us to learn of Him . . .” Lift Him Up, p. 185).  He is waiting and willing and eagerly wanting to still the longing in our hearts for Him. May we come to Him with contrite hearts, reading His word and experiencing His faithfulness and forgiveness on a deeply personal level.


Thandi Klingbeil

Home-schooling Mother

Tennessee, USA