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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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Where or to whom do I turn when I face difficult, even life-threatening situations? Sometimes (let’s be honest) turning to my Deliverer is not my first course of action. I like to “fix” difficulties at work, home or church with my own wisdom and experience. And often I only react to problems as they arise; instead of being proactive and praying for God’s deliverance before I need it. I learn a couple of important applications for my life from the psalmist in this psalm:

Nowhere in the psalm does the psalmist complain against God for allowing evil men to cause him to suffer. Oh, how easy it is to complain when things don’t go well. Help me not to complain, Lord.

The expression of faith and confidence that the psalmist has in God (vs. 6) inspires me to more faith. “You are my God!” Dear Jesus, You have helped me and protected me in the past and You can do it again!

The importance of the words I choose to speak is mentioned in vs. 3. Words can be used as weapons to destroy and tear down (Ephesians 4:29; James 3: 1- 10). Lord, I want to choose words that give life and bring healing (Prov. 18:21, Prov. 12: 18, Prov. 15: 4).

The psalm ends with a beautiful assurance that is echoed in Rev. 22: 3-4. Thank you that the righteous will forever live before You, our God in heaven, and serve You. Amen.


Thandi Klingbeil

Home-schooling Mother

Tennessee, USA