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Monday, December 23, 2013

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“The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands” (v. 8 NKJV).

 These words: “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me . . .” leaped off the page to me during my morning worship.  I struggled to focus on what I was reading and apply it to my life and not let my thoughts run ahead to what the day would hold for me. But this passage, opened up a lot of concerns about the day ahead, my business, my family, and the direction of my life.

I was struck with the thought on how familiar God is with every fact and situation in my life. In order for Him to perfect that which concerns me, He must have a very close working knowledge of everything about me. While I appreciate that God numbers the hairs on my head, this passage felt so much more intimate, relevant, comprehensive, and yet comforting.

He knows about the important phone calls I have to make today to close important business agreements.  He understands the circumstances, the work involved, and the personalities at the negotiating table.  He knows how hard I’ve worked to think of every aspect to ensure success, and whether it’s best to go through with it or not.

He understands the challenges I'm having with fellow workers who are not communicating very well, and how this affects morale of the rest of the team.  He knows all my business relations, as well as my relationships with my family and friends in the greatest detail.

He sees my frustration with life’s little details such as business delays, and is trying to teach me patience. He sees when I mess up, and graciously gives me another chance. He knows how much I enjoy talking to my parents, my brother, and the wide-ranging evening conversations that I treasure with my dear wife.

He knows the big and the small, and everything in between, and sees it all.  And He works to make it better. Every moment of every day, I am on His mind.  He uses everything, the good and the bad, the wins and the losses, the smallest details and greatest things, to form and mold me into more and more of His likeness. As the apostle Paul says, “God works all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28).

Remember, as you go about your work today, how much God loves you and cares about you, and everything that makes you who you are.  You are His handiwork, and He will never forsake you. He redeemed you.  He has plans for you to be with Him throughout eternity.  Thank Him today for His mercy, love, and grace.  Thank Him for working on perfecting that which concerns Him about you.


Danny Houghton


Washington State, USA