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Friday, December 20, 2013

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After spending some time offering praises to God for who He is and what He has done, the author of this Psalm takes a few verses to show a contrasting view of idols. When we summarize what the author says about each, this is what we come up with:
            The Lord: is great and above all gods
            Idols: are sliver and gold, the work of men’s hands
            The Lord: does whatsoever He pleases
            Idols: can’t do anything
            The Lord: His name will endure forever as a heritage unto Israel.
            Idols: Those that make idols are just like them.  (i.e. hearts of stone).
Seeing these stark contrasts, it is easy to shake our heads and wonder how the Israelites kept worshipping these useless bits of gold instead of committing themselves to their enduring God-given heritage. But are we any different? Or have we just traded in silver and gold gods for paper idols of money?

Although we’ve grown up with the old adage reminding us that “money can’t buy happiness,” our actions seem determined to prove this saying wrong. We store up wealth as if it could protect us in a time of tragedy, forgetting that tragedy can take away our money and render wealth useless. Meanwhile, we forget the true value of God’s blessings.

 Just as the children of Israel could choose to use their silver and gold to build an idol or a temple, we can make the same choice with our paper money. Will we idolize and hoard this treasure, or will we use it to build up the church of God and share with those in need?

Lori Futcher

Freelance Writer and Editor

Cleveland, Tennessee, USA