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Saturday, December 14, 2013

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The children of Israel, since the time of being in slavery in Egypt, have again and again experienced suffering from other nations opposing and oppressing them. Yet, the Israelites were never completely overtaken or obliterated.   Because they were God’s chosen people, His mighty hand and outstretched arm had preserved them.  Their surrounding enemies had tried to push them down and walk all over them.  The Psalmist describes those nations who rose up against them as plowing on someone’s back.

Have you ever had someone try to figuratively (or literally) tear you down?  Or as the saying goes, has someone tried to take advantage of you and “walk all over you?”  When this happened with God’s people, the Psalmist prays for the Lord to remove His hand of blessing from those who pushed them down.

I am so grateful that I serve a Lord who says “vengeance is mine” and He allows me the peace and assurance that He is in control.  I know that one day those who appear to get away with so much sin will be left empty-handed.


Cindy Nash
Wife, Mother, Nurse
Collegedale, Tennessee