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Thursday, December 12, 2013

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We built our house in 2011. We were first time builders and home owners after 18 years of marriage. Before the construction company broke ground on our land, we decided to dedicate the building of the house and the future house we would call home. So we gathered together a few close friends, our realtor and our builder and read from Ps.127.

We stood on the land and spoke to God holding hands in a circle. We wanted to recognize in front of witnesses that we didn’t want to do this without God. We wanted to recognize that our own human effort is worth nothing if God is not in it. The words of this Psalm were written by Solomon – the wisest man who ever lived. It’s a good idea to take his advice. Well, a house is more than wood and paint and that is very true.

The Psalm goes on to mention children – they are a blessing to the home. In the Ancient Near East, sons, in particular, meant financial security for the family. Sons would accompany their father to the city gate to close business deals and settle disputes. Sons would aid their father in taking care of the family interests. We have three boys, and our quiver is full.

But here’s why we feel we are blessed: God has helped us built our home (I don’t just mean the physical construction) but also our lives and promised to dwell with us in our house.  This is the difference that makes daily toil worthwhile and sleep at night full of hope. I want to encourage you today to take God with you into every aspect of your life – without Him, you are nothing; with Him you are blessed!


Thandi Klingbeil
Home-schooling Mother
Collegedale, Tennessee