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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Mountains always beckon me. I love the hills where we live.  They are often covered in lush green trees and laced with wisps of clouds fitting their Smoky Mountain name. It doesn’t matter the size or landscape of it, when I see a mountain I have an urge to go and climb it. (Rarely does it happen that I actually get to climb a large mountain, and if it does, it’s usually because I drive up in a car!) It’s the enormity and the majesty that beckons me to become a small part of it.  By being there on a mountain I sense a deeper connectedness with my Creator.

There is no mountain in the world that has given me more sense of completeness than when I went to Israel and saw Mount Zion and the hills that surround Jerusalem.  By being in that place, I get a sense of the enormity of God’s plan for His people and a renewed confirmation that He surrounds and protects His people forever.   When I put my trust in Him, I can be assured of that.

A human heart can be shaken.  My own ability to trust is weak at best.  But my God cannot be shaken.  He endures forever and ever.  Amen.



Cindy Nash
Wife, Mother, Nurse
Collegedale, Tennessee