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Sunday, December 8, 2013

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Our fourth song of “going up” reminds us again to fix our gaze steadfastly upward to New Jerusalem as the Israelites did when they traveled to old Jerusalem. We don’t just lift up our eyes up to the hills, but lift up our eyes and acknowledge the ONE who is over all things, the One who sits on a throne and rules the universe, the ONE who holds each of my cares in the palm of His hand.

The Bible uses the analogy of a servant girl who has a trained eye to pick up on the slightest gesture coming from the hand of her mistress, subtle cues hinting at what her next wishes may be.  So too, I turn my eyes and tune my ears to my Master as a sign of deep longing to know and understand what His will for my life might be and how I can best carry out that will accordingly.

Where I choose to look, where I place my gaze, will make a difference in the quality of my life.  In a world that is becoming more hostile and showing contempt for those who believe, we can only find hope in keeping our eyes lifted to the One and Only, the One who is enthroned above all, the One who shows me mercy and loving-kindness. 

My dear friend in Jesus, where will you choose to place your focus today?


Cindy Nash
Wife, Mother, Nurse
Collegedale, Tennessee