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Saturday, December 7, 2013

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When was the last time you took a long trip?  Not just a long trip for enjoyment, but a long and exhausting trip.  What did it feel like to finally come back home?   You walk through the door, you see the familiar, you smell the familiar, and the love there hits you with a wave of memories and emotions. 

Psalm 122 gives us a sense of the satisfaction of arrival.  I’m here!  I love this place!  I have heard it said that once you make a trip to Israel, you will want to go back.  I found this to be true for myself.  After returning home from a trip to Israel, I felt a deep longing and unexplained homesickness for that land.  And when I returned a few years later, I had an odd sense of just belonging there. 

This rejoicing expressed by the pilgrim travelers occurs because they have finally reached their destination, the city gates of Jerusalem!  The traveler enters and has his weary feet planted firmly on the soil in the city of Jerusalem.  What a feeling of satisfaction.  What rejoicing!  What a feeling of protection!  To stand within the gates of the ancient city like Jerusalem must have felt like a warm embrace.

We can only try to imagine what it will be like for us, pilgrims to the land made new, to reach the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem and plant our feet in that “Holy City” which God has prepared for us.  Praise His name forever! 


Cindy Nash
Wife, Mother, Nurse
Collegedale, Tennessee