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Sunday, December 1, 2013

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This is a chapter of thanksgiving to God in response to the Psalmist’s experience of answered prayers and personal deliverance (verses1-2). The trials through which the Psalmist passed had evidently brought him near to death. He understood that his life was preserved only by God’s mercy and grace. He experienced that true and genuine rest is found only in fully trusting God (verse 7). This trust is the kind that vanishes anxiety and restlessness (Matt 11:29). 

In 2010, I held an Evangelistic meeting in one of the islands of the Philippines. On the morning of our first Sabbath, the day before the opening night, I preached a message on “Delivering the Captives.” As the message drew to a close, I was strongly impressed to make an appeal for total surrender to God and call for preparation for baptism. It was unconventional to make such an appeal before the evangelistic series commenced. But unless I trusted God’s leading, I knew I would find no rest. When the appeal was made, a man named Jaime, walked with agony towards the altar. Jaime was a sole survivor of an explosion on the merchant ship, few years back. He was severely injured by that near death accident. He searched for answers, as to why he survived whilst his comrades didn’t. His search led him to the word of God. He had been studying the Bible, with people of other denominations. That Sabbath morning however, Jaime was passing by our church when he was drawn to the songs of thanksgiving and came in. Next, he was drawn to the message of deliverance. It was then, that things began to make sense for him. Through thanksgiving songs and the message of deliverance in God’s word, Jaime found the answers he was looking for! Jaime was baptized and pursued his new found purpose in life. The last I’ve heard of him, he was happily offering his sacrifice of thanksgiving and daily fulfilling his vows (verses 16-19) in soul winning.

How about you? When was the last time you offered your sacrifice of thanksgiving and vows that touched others? Why not ask God to do that for you today? 


Jan Harry Cabungcal
Europe for Jesus