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Monday, November 25, 2013

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Psalm 110 is a Messianic hymn, it is the most often quoted Psalm in the New Testament (Matthew 22:42-45; Mark 12:36-37; Luke 20:42-44; Hebrews 1;13) and introduces Jesus Christ as King, Judge and Priest. This Psalm also contains two short prophecies and several promises for victory (vs.1-3 and 4-7) which have been fulfilled for the first time in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, while the complete fulfillment will come at the end of the great controversy between good and evil and the final victory of the Lamb.

It was to Jesus only that the power and authority were given “until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet” (v.1). This authority is not based on power, human honor or popularity. It does not express itself in threatening words or acts of constraint. On the contrary, it is based on love, service and sacrifice. When we look at Jesus through human eyes, we see that “He has no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him” (Isaiah 53:2). When standing to be interrogated by Pilate, the representative of Roman power, He was the ultimate of human frailty. It was there Jesus gave His testimony that He was a king, even if His kingdom was not of this world. On His cross they wrote in three languages: “The King of the Jews,” as the crowning act of His complete humiliation—a king crucified as a criminal. On His head He had the crown of thorns, while the purple mantle had been taken from Him leaving Him exposed.

If those who were attending His trial and mockery would have been allowed to look into the future, they would have been shocked. Had they been able to see the huge number of His followers, the vast throng of martyrs giving their lives for Him, and the unstoppable march of His kingdom to conquer the whole planet by the powerful words and generous actions of His faithful, they would have stepped back in shame, acknowledging the fulfillment of David’s prophetic words: “The Lord will extend His mighty scepter from Zion” (v.2).

Dear Lord,

Open our eyes to see, as the Psalmist did, who You are, our King, our heavenly great High Priest and our Judge. Give us the courage, the power and the determination to be part of your victorious army. Amen.


Ioan Campian-Tartar
General Secretary
Romanian Union Conference