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Saturday, November 23, 2013

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The first verses of Psalm 108 remind me of a song of praise I often sang with young people.  The Psalmist, speaking prophetically, is thinking of Israel’s gathered and redeemed remnant praising the Lord. Such an end-time demonstration of God’s mercy and faithfulness in keeping His Word will call for the highest praise and exaltation of Him who will have proven Himself worthy of such praise from His redeemed and restored people.

David had determined his course and would not deviate from it. Steadfastness of purpose is a trait of character that we need to cultivate.

This Psalm encourages us to be faithful to the Lord, who will go forth to battle for us as He did for them, and as He will do for you and me today. When human assistance is of no avail, divine help comes to our aid. When confidence in man is shaken, the child of God leans more heavily on the arm of the Infinite.

Like their cry – let our cry today be: “God, give us help from trouble, for vain is the help of man. By God’s grace we shall do valiantly, for He shall tread down our enemies.  Be faithful and of good courage for He will fight for you!


Christoph Berger
Bogenhofen College