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Friday, November 22, 2013

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This Psalm urges us to praise God and to thank Him for He is good (vs. 1, 21, 31).  The call is linked to everybody, who experienced liberation from any kind of burdens. This is true not only when we guiltlessly enter into difficulties, but also if it was or is our own responsibility.  The Psalmist’s experience of liberation from trouble is based on what Jesus did and what He still is doing (John 8:36).  His strong arm is ready to help you today also (vs. 13, 19, 28) and to bring you out of your distress.

Psalm 107 also addresses that which has especially a bitter situation, because generally the Israelites believed, that illness is a judgment from God (see the statements of Job’s friends or the disciples’ question in John 9:1-3). If someone comes close to death, he learns to cry out to God. God’s word comes to him as a messenger. This reminds us of the faith of the captain of Capernaum (Matt 8:8,13). 

Since the time of this Psalm medicine has quite developed. However, everyone who suffers illness and pain and finds it unbearable will need medicine.  The medicine for spiritual illness and restoration to health is found in His Word.

Let us today again give attention to the Lord’s dealing with Israel in the past – as with His Israel today (which includes you and me). Then we will understand once again the loving-kindness of our Lord. Give thanks to Him for He can change things.


Christoph Berger
Bogenhofen College