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Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Psalm 106 presents a gleam of Israel’s repentance and national confession when they see with a new heart what the Lord has done for them and read their history in the light of divine grace and mercy (Ezekiel 36:31).  Then they will remember their evil ways and see through a changed heart their own iniquities, unbelief and rebellion. Against the dark background of Israel’s sin, God’s grace shines out resplendently and elicits both an opening and closing “Hallelujah.” (vs. 1, 48).

Israel’s confession states: We have sinned with our fathers, because in a sense all generations of Israelites came out of Egypt (v. 6).  This is valid even for our personal Exodus.  Israel – past, present, and future – has been perverse, committed iniquity, done wickedly, and would have been cut off except for God’s grace and faithfulness.

Compare yourself with Israel.  Have you done similarly?  Remember your rebellion at the Red Sea, your murmuring for the flesh pots of Egypt, your jealousy toward God’s leaders, your approach of changing God’s glory for the likeness of an animal, your sin of unbelief and disobedience upon the return of the spies, or your union with Baal-Peor.  Have you again and again forgotten God’s great work of deliverance, care and victory?

Let us confess today and praise God for His grace and faithfulness. Let us trust in the final deliverance at the soon coming day of victory when Jesus comes and the great gathering from among all nations will take place.


Christoph Berger
Bogenhofen College