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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Prophetically, this Psalm gives us glimpses of a restored Israel’s celebration of the Lord’s covenant and His faithfulness fully realized in the Kingdom.

The words encourage us (vs. 2, 5):  Don’t let yourself forget God’s miracles in your life. Right them down in a special booklet, keep them as especial treasures, reflect on them from time to time, especially when you feel discouraged, and then when appropriate share these treasure thoughts with people. The words of the Psalmist encourage us to seek Him. This does not happen automatically, but we are to come into His presence daily and do so continually.  Speaking prophetically, the thoughts of this song will be sung when the people of God are in the presence of the Lord Jesus at His second advent.

Throughout history, the Lord was faithful to His covenant in the time of the Patriarchs and ever afterward.  Yes, He remembers His covenant forever.  With this covenant in mind, the Lord sent Joseph before them into Egypt and they were severely tested until the time that His word came to pass.  Joseph was exalted so he could open the land to God’s people. God continued to be faithful through Moses and the Exodus, sending the plagues and bringing them forth with silver and gold (Ex 13:21).  He spread the cloud for a covering and fire to give light at night. He sent bread from heaven and opened the rock and water gushed out.

The same Heavenly Father is willing to provide mighty and gracious deeds for you today, because He keeps His promises! Praise the Lord for His covenant faithfulness!


Christoph Berger
Bogenhofen College