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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Psalm 104 represents Israel’s interpretation of nature. The author does not write from a scientific perspective or from his feelings – he writes as a believer. The poet rejects the concepts of atheism and pantheism. Through His word, God created and sustains the world. The parallel between this Psalm and the story of creation in Genesis 1 is very notable. In the time of the writing of this Psalm, the story of creation was known and accepted.  God is praised, who renews the ground (v. 30) and accomplishes the miracle of fertility and growth.

Is it possible for us modern men, in time of rural depopulation and use of artificial fertilizer to realize and acknowledge this?  Already in the time of Israel, people created Baal, the Canaanite God of rain and fertility (Num. 25:3).  But oil, wine and grain did not come from Baal – but from Yahweh (Hosea 2:9).  So Psalm 104 is a sharp defense against any mixing of religions and a clear commitment to the creator (v. 3).  To believe in the Creator became a renewed message for Israel and the neighbor countries. All created reality bears the stamp of its Maker, pointing beyond itself to the hand that is divine.

Jesus repeated a valuable lesson from the Psalmist’s observation. He said that the birds do not sow or reap... and yet, your heavenly Father feeds them (Matt 6:26).  We can do nothing to add to our height.  It is God who cares so why worry (v. 27).

Let us today praise and worship God, because He alone creates and cares!

  • Who honors God and reflects on His beauty will also see much more of this beauty in his own life and around him.
  • Who reflects on the goodness and beauty of God, will trust more in His power.
  • Who believes in God the creator, sees himself and the actions around him in the right biblical context. The earth is His and he has everything in control. This gives me peace for my daily life.


Christoph Berger
Bogenhofen College