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Friday, November 15, 2013

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Psalm 100 is a joyful song of celebration and thanksgiving.

To recognize God as Creator gives meaning to our life, and it leaves no space for existential doubts on our origins, purpose and destiny in life.

In the heart of a Christian there is a sense of belonging, because God says we are “the sheep of His pasture” vs. 3.

Are there no reasons in my life for happiness?  

Are there not enough reasons to be proud of my origins?

Do I have doubts about the future?

To know and to believe that God made me is a great antidote for pessimists and depressive feelings.  

Even though Creation’s original perfection has been stained by sin, there is still hope of restoration.

The Psalm states that the Lord’s mercy lasts forever and that gives me the certainty that His blood purifies my life. His arms are open for me and His hands are ready to guide me.

Be joyful, praise and bless the name of the LORD.


Almir Marroni
Vice President
South American Division