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Saturday, August 17, 2013

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This is a song for the downtrodden.  It reflects our emotions of outrage and betrayal when we think we have done what God wants and yet those who don’t do what He wants are better off than we are. 

Isn’t a life of following God supposed to result in successful family and work lives?  Why do people who seem to look out only for themselves do so well in this world?  It appears to go against the principles for prosperity we thought were laid down in the Old Testament covenants.           

This Psalm doesn’t tell us what God’s specific plan is for justice, and there are always dangers that in our prayers we will ask God to do something that violates His complete love for all of his children.  We too often see him as on “our” side and against “them,” when only God knows the whole story of those we see as our enemy. 

While in faith we know that God’s love and justice will triumph, we express this outrage sometimes without knowing exactly in what way God is going to manifest that love and justice. But we are we are not alone as we cry out to God in our pain.

We know He hears us and in His time He will answer and make things right.

Lisa Clark Diller
Chair, Dept. of History and Political StudiesSouthern Adventist University